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Gambit Volume 4 Fantasy Edition.
Gambit Volume 4 Fantasy Edition Game assets are now available from the Unity Asset store. Featuring 20 tracks, perfect for retro 8 bit style games, created using only authentic 8 bit systems for a high quality collection of chip tune music.

Entomo- from Decade Bridge on Vimeo.

Synth ‘Pigeons’ test summer 2018 from Decade Bridge on Vimeo.

ToneBars – proximity tone generator/synthesizer available to download.
ToneBars and the free version ToneBarsLite are now available to download for Android.
More info can be found here.

ToneBars from Decade Bridge on Vimeo.

Tantrum-Hit creator/Beat sequencer, Chance-Random note generator.
Available now on cassette from the Decade Bridge store.

Tantrum-Beat Sequencer/Chance-Random Note Generator from Decade Bridge on Vimeo.

Speculum Freeware AU/VST Delay plugin now available to download.

SpeculumFree – Delay/Comb filter VST/AU effect for Windows and Mac from Decade Bridge on Vimeo.

CHANCE-random note generator and TANTRUM-Beat generator/composer software.
Decade Bridge CHANCE is a random note generator software package.
Decade Bridge TANTRUM is a collection of beat generating/ hit creator programs.  MORE INFO.
Both programs are for the ZX Spectrum home computer and are available to buy now.

Audio Assets for game development projects now available.
Our audio asset packs for game development consist of high quality audio to add dynamics to your projects. A number of styles are covered including 8 bit audio for retro games and background music, atmospheres and soundscapes for contemporary productions. Each pack contains 20 tracks in Wav and Ogg formats and are available to buy from the Unity Asset Store.

More information and demos for each release can be found here.