Chance – ZX Spectrum 16k/48k


Chance-random note generator consists of two programs for the ZX Spectrum 48k personal computer.

Side A – Chance, Free Spirt Edition. (16k/48k)

Side B – Chance, Jail Bird Edition. (48k)

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Decade Bridge “CHANCE” is a random note generator software package for the 16k/48k ZX Spectrum home computer.

The tape comes with two programs that utilise the spectrum’s crude BEEP function to create random note runs and sequences.

Side A – Free Spirit Edition is a free running generator with 4 different options. Each program requests that the user input two values, note length and note range. These determine how long the notes play for and the range (low to high) of the pitch determined by the main menu selection. The program then randomly selects the notes (tonal or microtonal) within these parameters and plays back as long as you want it to.

Side B – Jail Bird Edition offers 6 options. These represent different scale types and again the user is invited to input the note length. The 2nd value then represents the root note of the scale, 0 being C, 1 being C#1, B being 2 and so on. The software will then play back the notes from the selected scale over two octaves randomly.

A nice little package for creating chip tune melodies, running through modular systems, adding effects to create drones or pads or creating random rhythms when note lengths are extremely short. Simple, quick, dirty little sound generators from an iconic machine.

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Download the CHANCE manual here.

CHANCE overview and quick start. guide.

System requirements:-
Free Spirit Edition. ZX Spectrum 16k and 48k.
Jail Bird Edition. ZX Spectrum 48k.