Tantrum – ZX Spectrum 16k/48k


Tantrum-beat composer/hit generator consists of three programs for the ZX Spectrum 48k personal computer.

Side A – Tantrum, Audition/Erratic. (16k/48k)

Side B – Tantrum, Sequencers. (48k)

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Decade Bridge “TANTRUM” is a beat composer/generator software package for the 16k/48k ZX Spectrum home computer.

The tape comes with 3 programs that utilise the spectrum’s crude BEEP function to create random note runs and sequences.

Side A – Audition is a simple drum machine style program where the user is invited to trigger hits through pressing different keys on the keyboard. It mainly intended to inform the user of how each hit sounds so that they can then go on to build the beats within the sequencer program.

Erractic is a simple program that creates randomly generated hits to be sampled.

Side B – 8/16 and 32 step sequences are the main programs of TANTRUM. These sequencers  require the user to input each step as a letter into each step. TANTRUM then loops the beat/groove you have created automatically.


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Dimensions 15 × 2 × 15 cm

Download the TANTRUM manual here.

System requirements:-
Audition/Erratic. ZX Spectrum 16k and 48k.
Sequencer. ZX Spectrum 48k.

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