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Gambit Volume 4. Fantasy Edition. 8 bit audio assets for games.

Gambit Volume 4, Fantasy Edition is a collection of 20 tracks perfect for adding a retro feel to classic fantasy style games. All tracks have been created using only, authentic, classic 8 bit systems. Full of magic, mystery and medieval journeys of adventure.
Head to the Unity Asset Store or the Decade Bridge Store page.

ToneBars – proximity tone generator.

ToneBars is a proximity tone generator/synthesizer for the Android operating system excellent for creating meandering sequences and drones.

Any or all of 16 ToneBars can be activated and their pitch, rate, volume and playback direction edited to create interesting and atmospheric tonal and drone like runs.

ToneBars is available to buy now on the google play store.
The free version of ToneBars(Lite) is also available to download, no adverts, no nag screens, no in app purchases just a cut down feature set.

Get it on Google Play

Decade Bridge google play developer page.

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TANTRUM-Beat composer/hit generator

TANTRUM-Beat Gen/Composer Cassette

Decade Bridge “TANTRUM” is a collection of three programs for the ZX Spectrum 16k/48k created for the purpose of sequencing and writing chip tune beats and creating randomly generated drum hits for sampling and processing in contemporary audio sequencing software.


 TANTRUM is available now from the Decade Bridge online store.


Download the TANTRUM manual.