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TANTRUM-Beat composer/hit generator

TANTRUM-Beat Gen/Composer Cassette

Decade Bridge “TANTRUM” is a collection of three programs for the ZX Spectrum 16k/48k created for the purpose of sequencing and writing chip tune beats and creating randomly generated drum hits for sampling and processing in contemporary audio sequencing software.


 TANTRUM is available now from the Decade Bridge online store.


Download the TANTRUM manual.

CHANCE-Random note generator.

Chance-Random note generator cassette.

Decade Bridge “CHANCE” is a random note generator software package for the 16k/48k ZX Spectrum home computer. The tape comes with two programs that utilise the spectrum’s crude BEEP function to create random note runs and sequences.


CHANCE is available to buy on cassette tape from the Decade Bridge store now.


Download the CHANCE manual.