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Saltline Legacy VST plugins

As I am no longer continuing development or support for saltline VST instruments and effects I have decided to shut down saltline.co.uk and make the plugins available to download for free here.

All instruments and effects are 32 bit windows VST format. Downloads are available below.


Son Of A Pitch



Additive synthesizer

VA Synthesizer

FM synthesizer

Chip tune sequencer synth

Synthesized Kick creator

Synthesized Clap creator

Filter step sequencer effect

Reverb and filter effect

Triple line delay and filter effect


ADHDidi – Additive synth (previously unavailable for direct download)

Swierk – VA synthesizer

Brzoza – FM synthesizer

Cedr – Chip tune step sequencer

Korzenie Kick – Synth kick creator

Korzenie Clap – Synth clap creator

List-Step – Dual step sequenced filter effect

Lisc-Verb – Reverb and SV filter effect

Lisc-Delay – Triple delay line and filter effect

Previously unreleased plugins

Hotel S.O.A.P – Delay based pitch effect

Son Of A Pitch – Delay based pitch effect

Bicetre – Shattered Nerves FM synth

VST, VST2 and VST3 are registered trademarks of Steinberg, LLC. AU and Audio Units are registered trademarks of Apple Computers, Inc.

ToneBars – proximity tone generator.

ToneBars is a proximity tone generator/synthesizer for the Android operating system excellent for creating meandering sequences and drones.

Any or all of 16 ToneBars can be activated and their pitch, rate, volume and playback direction edited to create interesting and atmospheric tonal and drone like runs.

ToneBars is available to buy now on the google play store.
The free version of ToneBars(Lite) is also available to download, no adverts, no nag screens, no in app purchases just a cut down feature set.

Get it on Google Play

Decade Bridge google play developer page.

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